What is Adaptive Clothing? and who is it benefitting?

Surprisingly, a lot of people do not know that adaptive clothing exists because it is an niche product. Which is why it is important to get word out about what adaptive clothing is and who these garments are benefiting. These garments are specially designed to help seniors or people with disabilities get into or out of clothing. 


How does adaptive clothing work?

So, how do these garments work? This Clothing uses specially designed Velcro and snap closures to attach garments in a discrete way. The addition of snap closures and Velcro makes putting on clothing easier and less painful than regular items. 

Often times, individuals with limited mobility complain of pain when moving their arms and legs in a specific way. Adaptive garments take away the stress factor of dressing and make it simple to use for the people who need it. Lifestyle Adaptive strives to bring dignity back into dressing with the use of patterns and textures. 

adaptive clothing
adaptive clothing
adaptive clothing

What you are wearing determines the mood that you are in. Why not wear something that makes you feel good inside and out? Adaptive garments give seniors and individuals with limited mobility the choice to live life in style, take advantage of our collections and appreciate an adaptive lifestyle. With clothing specially engineered to benefit you, Lifestyle Adaptive has your back for all things adaptive fashion. Bring dignity back into putting clothing on and live life adaptively. 

Hopefully this information taught you more about the benefits of adaptive clothing. For more information about Lifestyle Adaptive and what we specialize in read out about us page. In addition, check out out community blog for more helpful tips and stories about all things adaptive. Need help placing an order? Or have questions send us an email! At Lifestyle Adaptive we prioritize our customers because we understand sometimes life can get challenging. We are here to support you every step of the way if you need guidance or assistance.