Lifestyle Adaptive strives to bring confidence into the community of those with limited mobility. Our brand is based off the goal of ensuring seniors, and individuals with limited mobility, can live comfortably within their care homes, or living situations. Adaptive clothing simplifies the process of putting clothes on in the morning or evening. This garment style features snap closures or Velcro to make dressing easier. Say no more to painful arm or leg movements with Lifestyle Adaptive. 


As a society we should be offering better care with dignity, respect and compassion for seniors and those with limited mobility and I plan on being part of that change"

Benefits of lifestyle custom clothing

People often wonder if adaptive clothing is for them? We are here to help you make that decision. Our goal is to make sure our customers are confident and comfortable in their clothing. Lifestyle Adaptive specializes in garments that are designed to benefit individuals with limited mobility. The Velcro and snap closure open-back pants, shirts and under garments make difficult tasks simple. 

Whether you or a loved one struggles with mobility, snap closure clothing brings back dignity and independence. Adaptive clothing makes dressing an easier task for the individuals and caregivers in the mornings and evening. Create confidence in yourself – or your patients by wearing clothing that is specifically designed to meet your needs. 

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