The types of adaptive closures found in adaptive clothing

Our Lifestyle Adaptive clothing collection features various types of closures – the most popular being Velcro closures and snap closures. These closures are designed to make putting on and taking off garments easier for those with limited mobility. To learn more about the types of adaptive closures we use in our clothing, keep reading! All products mentioned on this blog post can be found on the Lifestyle Adaptive website.

Adaptive closures

Closures: Snap vs. Velcro

The image above better explains how adaptive closures are used in adaptive fashion. As you can see, closures can be found at the nape of the neck in most open back tops. These closures can be found either on the side of the adaptive pants, or along the bottom. Adaptive snap closures are metal snaps that line the opening of the garment; these snaps make getting into the clothing much easier. At Lifestyle Adaptive, encouraging new easy dressing methods is our top priority which is why we encourage individuals to try our adaptive pieces. the adaptive closures make putting on and taking off clothing easier and pain free. 

The other type of closure that is most common in adaptive clothing is Velcro. In Velcro garments, the Velcro is commonly found by the opening of the garment – either along the nape of the neck or the side of the hip. Velcro closures function similar to snap closures except instead it features a Velcro material for easy dressing. Both closures support the overall goal of making dressing easier for the elderly or those with mobility challenges. 


Hopefully some of these helpful tips have supported you through this challenging time. For more interesting reads check out the Lifestyle Adaptive community blog section, featuring stories and tips about all things adaptive.