Adaptive nightwear is a clothing product that helps the patient feel more comfortable and also helps the care giver oversee the individual during their stay and/or entirely. 

adaptive nightwear

Adaptive Nightwear

There are numerous benefits to adaptive nightwear for patients and individuals who would gain from their functionality. Adaptive nightwear permits easy mobility and access to a patient while providing comfort and dignity. Instead of using hospital gowns or other unfitted garments, care givers and loves ones may recommend adaptive night gowns to allow a patient to be comfortable. The Fleece nightwear sets are warmer than the others which may be the route for your patient if they continuously mentioning being cold. 

Adaptive clothing makes it easier for individuals and patients to put on and take off clothing. Whether this be done by the individual themselves or by the caregiver, the adaptive closures and velcro make it simpler entirely. It also limits the pain of dressing for individuals with mobility issues or who are bedridden. Adaptive night wear can be used independently or codependently by the patient or individuals depending on their condition and needs. These products are designed to suite the needs of any individual who requires them, this is why its important to make adaptive clothing known to the larger community as it educates those unaware of its functionality.

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