As parents and elderly loved ones get older its important to stay vigilant of their challenges and struggles to ensure they can have a comfortable lifestyle. Keeping ones eyes and ears open to distress and conversation associated with dressing difficulties can aid in finding a solution. The solution to dressing difficulties is adaptive clothing because of this garments ability to bring comfort back into putting clothes on in the morning or evening.


Adaptive Clothing for a parent

Perhaps you’ve asked yourself, how do I know if its time to recommend adaptive clothing to my parents? The answer to this question is to understand your parents struggles and listen to their concerns. If it is clear that your loved one is struggling with dressing in the mornings or evenings, or has expressed feeling pain when dressing then its an appropriate time to suggest adaptive clothing. 

When suggesting adaptive clothing to a loved one, make sure you are mindful of how you bring up the conversation. Adaptive clothing can be a sensitive topic to some even though it is a major benefit to an individuals way of life. Present the conversation in a way that outlines the benefits of the garments and how they are specifically designed to resolve dressing challenges. Mention how adaptive clothing does not limit ones ability to be fashionable, it just permits it in a way that encourages a pain-free dressing experience. We recommend introducing adaptive clothing to your parents even if they may not need it yet, it is an option that may help them in the future and its important to spread awareness about these specialized products.  

Hopefully some of these helpful tips have supported you through this challenging time. For more interesting reads check out the Lifestyle Adaptive community blog section, featuring stories and tips about all things adaptive.