Lifestyle Adaptive Products

Ownership Embroidery

Lifestyle Adaptive provides personalized clothing embroidery in order to reduce the risk of loss when residing in a care centre. Iron-on or adhesive labels with permanent marker are no substitute for long-lasting professional embroidery.

Our embroidery experts will strategically locate your loved one’s initials or first initial and last name in a discreet yet easily found location in the perfect size & font that will last forever. Embroidery color will be determined based on and in contrast with the fabric color or pattern.

Simply add the embroidery product selection to your online order to add an attractive and personalized touch to your purchase.

Please make sure to indicate exactly what you would like embroidered on the garments in your order.


All Canadian residents who benefit from the use of specialized/adaptive clothing are exempt from paying GST/HST on Lifestyle Adaptive clothing items.

Prior to your purchase, please download the Tax Exemption Form, obtain a Medical Practitioner’s signature and provide it to us via mail or email.

If you wish, Lifestyle Adaptive will confidentially keep the form on file for your convenience.

Download Exemption Form