Moving a loved one into a care facility can be overwhelming: Learn how to adjust to this transition.

A care facility will take great care of your loved ones whether they are seniors or can no longer care for themselves. Moving a parent into assisted living can be challenging and filled with emotion because a parent may be grieving their younger years. Its a hard experience for both parties and its important to practice self care mentally and emotionally during this time. Below we have collected some strategies that may help transition during this time. 

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Strategies for moving a loved one into a care facility

Learn some important strategies that can help you adjust to moving a loved one into an assisted living home. 

The most important message to take from this blog be to remember that it will take time to adjust to this transition, and that is okay. Healing takes time, and an adjustment like this will take time as well. Its important to give yourself the time mentally to adjust as there may be good days and bad days but that is all part of the process. 

Another helpful strategy to use during this time to expect there to be some times of difficulty. A individual whos been moved into assisted living may be resentful, and guilt trip you for doing this but it gets better with time. Ensure you are visiting your loved one often so then they can adjust smoothly to the transition. 

Moving to a care home is stressful, which is why its important to make your loved one feel at home to the most of your ability. Bring sentimental items and photos to your love ones room to ensure they are comfortable. 

Hopefully some of these helpful tips have supported you through this challenging time. For more interesting reads check out the Lifestyle Adaptive community blog section, featuring stories and tips about all things adaptive.