How adaptive footwear benefits caregivers

Adaptive Footwear is specially designed for individuals with limited mobility in there legs and feet. Specifically, this product is intended for those who suffer from swelling in their legs, ankles and feet. Adaptive footwear is a non-compression, breathable wide-fitting shoe or sandal that makes putting shoes on and taking them off easier. Caregivers dramatically benefit from these products as it allows them to put on shoes without their patients feeling any pain. 


How Caregivers Benefit

At Lifestyle we sell a wide variety of products that could benefit caregivers and self-sufficient individuals with limited mobility in their legs. Find wide fitting sandals, wide fitting shoes, snoozies and diabetic friendly socks in the footwear section of the website. Caregivers must be able to accommodate their patients at any given time for their injuries and immobility. 

Caregivers benefit from adaptive footwear because it makes tasks that would take upwards of 15 minutes only a few seconds. Footwear that is specifically designed for this demographic of individuals benefits their personal livelihood and their possible caregivers. 

We recommend adaptive clothing and footwear products to all those who suffer from immobility and stiffness in their limbs because it truly does help. It makes the daily tasks of living easier and more manageable for all parties involved. 

Hopefully some of these helpful tips have supported you through this challenging time. For more interesting reads check out the Lifestyle Adaptive community blog section, featuring stories and tips about all things adaptive.