Adaptive clothing (side closure and open back) combines fashion with functionality to provide struggle free dressing solutions. Side closure pants have two reinforced stainless-steel snaps, instead of zippers or buttons, on each side allowing the pant to fully open up for ease of dressing. Side closure pants provide dignified and simple dressing solutions for anyone who may be limited by traditional clothing.

Open back wheelchair clothing offers struggle free seated dressing solutions for those who have challenging mobility concerns. Tops, dresses, sweaters, undershirts & sleepwear completely open up allowing the individuals arms to be slid into the garment sleeves without ever having to raise their arms or struggle with small neck openings. The generous back overlap is then folded over and snapped into place. Open back pants can be put on from a seated position; slid up the legs, wrapped around the waist and snapped into place while the generous overlap is tucked behind and under.

A person is ready to experience the ease and comfort of adaptive clothing when mobility, range of motion, toileting or stress reactions to daily dressing become a concern. A person in a wheelchair may be dressed from a seated position; the clothing is simply threaded up the arm or leg and fastened at the shoulder or around the waist. If a person is not able to lift their arms above their head or rotate their shoulder, open back tops, undershirts, sweaters and sleepwear can simply be threaded up the arm and gently snapped at the shoulder. If a person is experiencing toileting concerns open back pants with snaps at the waist allow for quick access. When daily dressing creates stress and bruising occurs from pulling and pushing, it’s definitely time to consider some easier dressing solutions.

The short answer is no because Lifestyle Adaptive’s clothing is made with a generous fit. However, it is not uncommon for caregivers to order one size up in pants if an adult diaper needs to be accommodated.

There is only a two-inch (one inch on each side) difference between sizes and Lifestyle’s clothing has minimal (if any) shrinkage.

Manually cutting up the back or down the sides of a top or removing the seat from a pair of traditional pants will not provide an ideal clothing solution. Professionally manufactured adaptive clothing provides privacy and dignity with generous overlaps, softly finished seams and strategically placed reinforced snaps to avoid pressure points and chafing.

Dignity and comfort are everything.

Lifestyle Adaptive’s clothing has reinforced stainless steel snaps for durability, ease of use and comfort. All clothing entering a care centre needs to be able to withstand commercial laundering; rough handling, abrupt agitation and very high heat. Velcro® (nylon hook and loop fastener) tends to wear down quickly in a commercial environment.

In order to obtain the GST exemption on adaptive clothing items (this does not apply to footwear or comfort products), you will need to print off and complete the GST Exemption form (this can be found in various places on our website, including the “Contact Us” page). Once you have the form signed by a medical practitioner, you can mail or email the completed form to Lifestyle Adaptive. you can find our contact information on the “Contact Us” page of our website.

Lifestyle Adaptive’s products are shipped via Canada Post and currently only shipped within Canada. Shipping is calculated and charged based on weight and size of the products ordered. Shipping charges will be calculated prior to checkout.

Shipping times are approximate but most packages are received within 3-5 business days of shipping. If you have not received your package after 7 business days please contact us. We strive to ship 24 hours after purchase, however, please allow for up to 48 hours for your package to be shipped.

Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number which is where you will be able to see your estimated date of delivery.

If you are not completely satisfied with your order, please contact us within 14 days of purchase for return/exchange authorization. We will gladly issue you a full refund or exchange your products, however, shipping charges are non-refundable.

Products needs to be in resalable condition; merchandise can not be altered and tags need to be attached for returns or exchanges.

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All Canadian residents who benefit from the use of specialized/adaptive clothing are exempt from paying GST/HST on Lifestyle Adaptive clothing items.

Prior to your purchase, please download the Tax Exemption Form, obtain a Medical Practitioner’s signature and provide it to us via mail or email.

If you wish, Lifestyle Adaptive will confidentially keep the form on file for your convenience.

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