A community blog dedicated to spreading awareness about adaptive clothing & footwear products

The community blog was created to share insightful information about adaptive clothing and to share the stories of how adaptive clothing has positively impacted the lifestyles of others. Adaptive clothing simplifies the lifestyle of those with limited mobility, take the chance on Lifestyle Adaptive today and see the difference for yourself. 

How Adaptive Footwear can benefit Caregivers

How adaptive footwear benefits caregivers Adaptive Footwear is specially designed for individuals with limited mobility in there legs and feet. Specifically, this product is intended for those who suffer from swelling in their legs, ankles and feet. Adaptive footwear is a non-compression, breathable wide-fitting shoe or sandal that

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What is Adaptive Clothing? And who does it benefit?

What is Adaptive Clothing? and who is it benefitting? Surprisingly, a lot of people do not know that adaptive clothing exists because it is an niche product. Which is why it is important to get word out about what adaptive clothing is and who these garments are benefiting.

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Welcome to Lifestyle Adaptive

Welcome to Lifestyle Adaptive Lifestyle Adaptive strives to bring confidence into the community of those with limited mobility. Our brand is based off the goal of ensuring seniors, and individuals with limited mobility, can live comfortably within their care homes, or living situations. Adaptive clothing simplifies the process

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Lifestyle Adaptive

If you are a customer of Lifestyle Adaptive and would like to share your experience with adaptive clothing to be featured on our community blog, please contact Lifestyle Adaptive directly at Part of the purpose of this community page is to share the stories of our satisfied customers. Adaptive clothing has the ability to greatly impact the lifestyle of those with limited mobility. The snap closure open back style of clothing makes it easier for individuals to get into and out of clothing. 

Our team would love to hear from you if you or a loved on has had a positive experience with our adaptive clothing pieces. Our customers are the reason why we are in business. We would love to hear back from you all about your experiences as it is what inspires Lifestyle Adaptive to continue to release collections.