A community blog dedicated to spreading awareness about adaptive clothing & footwear products

The community blog was created to share insightful information about adaptive clothing and to share the stories of how adaptive clothing has positively impacted the lifestyles of others. Adaptive clothing simplifies the lifestyle of those with limited mobility, take the chance on Lifestyle Adaptive today and see the difference for yourself. 

Father’s Day Adaptive Essentials

Father’s Day Adaptive Clothing Essentials Showing appreciation for the father figure in your life gets more and more important as you grow older. As we age, we begin to realize the important of family bonds and maintaining ties with our parents, grandparents and elderly love ones. Father’s Day

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Elderly Clothing Choices That Make Life Easier

Elderly Clothing Choices That Make Life Easier As life goes on, tasks as simple as getting dressed can be challenging and for the elderly this may be a daily struggle. Adaptive clothing exists to get rid of challenges associated with dressing for both individuals and caregivers. For Elderly

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The Benefits of Adaptive Nightwear

The Benefits of Adaptive Nightwear for patients and individuals Adaptive nightwear is a clothing product that helps the patient feel more comfortable and also helps the care giver oversee the individual during their stay and/or entirely.  Adaptive Nightwear There are numerous benefits to adaptive nightwear for patients and

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How adaptive clothing has the ability to promote happiness

How does adaptive clothing promote happiness For years, there wasn’t a lot of options for stylish clothing for individuals with mobility concerns. This is an ongoing trouble that Lifestyle Adaptive is working hard on eliminating. We want to ensure that individuals with mobility concerns have a voice and

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6 Benefits of Adaptive Clothing for Patients

6 Benefits of Adaptive Clothing for Patients Adaptive clothing makes dressing easier for individuals who struggle with mobility. For patients in hospitals, Adaptive Clothing brings personalization and style back into easily removable clothing garments. Many patients in hospitals are placed in garbs that can be removed easily by

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If you are a customer of Lifestyle Adaptive and would like to share your experience with adaptive clothing to be featured on our community blog, please contact Lifestyle Adaptive directly at Part of the purpose of this community page is to share the stories of our satisfied customers. Adaptive clothing has the ability to greatly impact the lifestyle of those with limited mobility. The snap closure open back style of clothing makes it easier for individuals to get into and out of clothing. 

Our team would love to hear from you if you or a loved on has had a positive experience with our adaptive clothing pieces. Our customers are the reason why we are in business. We would love to hear back from you all about your experiences as it is what inspires Lifestyle Adaptive to continue to release collections.