Snoozies: The Perfect Gift For Someone With Low Mobility

What Are Snoozies?

Snoozies are a type of foot covering that is perfect for people with low mobility. Made with a brushed fleece exterior in fun and colorful printed patterns, Snoozies are lined with a soft Sherpa fleece on the inside, making them both stylish and comfortable.

Snoozies are a great option for individuals with low mobility because they provide both comfort and safety. The soft plush fabric lining and non-slip soles with grips make them easy and comfortable to wear, while also helping to prevent slips and falls.

How Do Snoozies Help People With Low Mobility?

The simple design of Snoozies makes them easy to put on and take off, which can be especially helpful for people with low mobility. Another perk of snoozies is that they are all machine washable. This makes them easy to care for, which can be beneficial for individuals who may have difficulty with tasks like laundry.

The non-slip soles and comfortable fabric also make Snoozies a good option for individuals who may be spending a lot of time indoors, such as during the winter months. The added warmth and support they provide can help to improve overall comfort and reduce the risk of falls.

Where Can I Buy Snoozies?

Snoozies can also come in many different sizes along with styles. At Lifestyle Adaptive we have an always-growing selection of snoozies. Everything ranges from men’s snoozies to snoozies skinnies. If you want to see our entire selection of snoozies then you can click here. 

Here are a few of our favourite snoozies in Lifestyle Adaptive’s shop!

These cute snoozies are super comfortable and come in a variety of colors! They are primarily designed for ladies, however, anyone would be able to wear these snoozies!

Pairable Snoozies

Snoozies Skinnies

These are more designed for those warm summer days when normal fluffy snoozies would be far too hot. There is a copious amount of styles available for purchase, from dogs to cats to puzzle pieces. If you prefer something more simple you can pick up something such as the zebra print.

Men’s Snoozies

Men’s snoozies come in much simpler colours and are designed to be wider and more masculine looking. Anyone can wear men’s snoozies just be sure to account for a change in size by viewing our sizing chart. The colors that you can pick from are navy blue, Tan, grey-black, Brown, and green

Overall, Snoozies are a fantastic addition to any wardrobe, but they are especially beneficial for individuals with low mobility. They provide the safety and comfort needed to move around the house with ease, while also adding a touch of style and fun.



Empowering Those With Disabilities Through Adaptive Clothing

Empowering Those With Disabilities Through Adaptive Clothing


Adaptive clothing is a relatively new concept in the fashion industry, but it is one that is quickly gaining popularity and attention. Adaptive clothing is clothing that has been designed or modified for people with disabilities or for those who may have difficulty dressing themselves due to mobility issues, arthritis, or other conditions. It typically includes features such as snaps and oversized openings that make it easier for people to put on and take off the clothing.


The Challenges of Dressing for People with Disabilities

Dressing can be a daily struggle for individuals with disabilities. Traditional clothing often has buttons, zippers, and other fasteners that can be difficult or impossible for someone with limited mobility to use. Additionally, individuals with disabilities may have difficulty finding clothing that fits properly, or that accommodates their specific needs. For example, someone in a wheelchair may need clothing with a higher back to accommodate their seating position, or someone with dementia may need clothing with fewer fasteners to reduce confusion.


Finding The Right Fit

Adaptive clothing is not only helpful for those with physical disabilities but also for those with special needs such as sensory processing disorder, dementia, and others. Adaptive clothing can be especially helpful for those with special needs, as it can be hard to find clothing that fits properly or accommodates their specific needs.


The Benefits of Adaptive Clothing

Adaptive clothing not only makes dressing easier but also helps individuals with disabilities to feel more comfortable and confident. Clothing that fits properly and accommodates specific needs can be much more comfortable to wear than traditional clothing, which may be ill-fitting or restrictive. Furthermore, adaptive clothing can help individuals with disabilities to feel more independent and self-sufficient, as they are able to dress without assistance.

Adaptive Clothing For Different Needs

Adaptive clothing is available for different needs, such as wheelchair users, individuals with dementia, and those with sensory processing disorders. Adaptive clothing can be beneficial for those with special needs, as it can be hard to find clothing that fits properly or accommodates their specific needs.


Adaptive Clothing for Wheelchair Users

Those in wheelchairs may find it difficult to use regular clothing because of the mobility required to dress. Adaptive clothing makes this easier by using snaps and open backs, this way you can remain seated while getting dressed.


Adaptive clothing for dementia patients

Finding clothing that fits and meets the specific needs of those with dementia can be difficult, but adaptive clothing provides a solution. Clothing for dementia patients often has fewer fasteners to reduce confusion and make it easier to dress.


Adaptive clothing for sensory processing disorders

Adaptive clothing for individuals with sensory processing disorders can be beneficial, as it can be hard to find clothing that fits properly or accommodates their specific needs. Clothing for individuals with sensory processing disorders often has different textures and fabrics to help reduce discomfort and anxiety.


Adaptive Clothing Brands and Resources

There are several adaptive clothing brands available in the market, such as Lifestyle Adaptive. LifeStyle Adaptive provides various adaptive clothing for seniors and those with disabilities. If you or someone you know might be in need of adaptive clothing, then you can view Lifestyle Adaptive’s list of products here.