Adaptive Fashion Tips for Wheelchair Users

Its challenging to find fashionable pieces for wheelchair users. Luckily, at Lifestyle Adaptive we specialize in handpicking stylish adaptive clothing for individuals with limited mobility. Our catalogue features adaptive open back tops for ladies and men’s wear, and open back pants that make putting on and taking off clothing far more simpler. Its time to put fashion back into adaptive clothing at at Lifestyle Adaptive we are determined to be a part of this journey. 


Adaptive Fashion Tips

Just because you are a wheelchair user does not mean that you must wear unfashionable clothing. Fashion is for everyone, it is a form of expression through clothing and everyone should be given the opportunity to explore it. Adaptive clothing allows you or a caregiver to put clothing on easier and pain-free. Adaptive clothing often features either velcro or snap closures to make clothing a more enjoyable experience. If you are comfortable in the clothes you wear its easier to manage day to day tasks as a wheelchair user. 

Adaptive clothing is specifically designed for all individuals who struggle with mobility or dressing without pain. This innovative fashion helps make style an option again for those who struggle to find stylish adaptive clothing. At Lifestyle Adaptive, we hand-pick all of our pieces so that you all can browse and enjoy a variety of patterns and colors. Fashion is made for all, lets defy adaptive clothing stereotypes and show everyone how stylish adaptive fashion can be. 

Hopefully some of these helpful tips have supported you through this challenging time. For more interesting reads check out the Lifestyle Adaptive community blog section, featuring stories and tips about all things adaptive.